Ethnomusicology and Popular Music in Wales

At the heart of our ethnomusicological research is the traditional music of Wales. Wyn Thomas is the director of the Archive of Welsh Traditional Music, the primary resource worldwide for research in the area.

The study of modern and indigenous musics plays an important role in our research. We are fortunate to have the Welsh Popular Music Archive, which operates under the directorship of Craig Owen Jones. His research interests include Welsh-language popular music, English-language Welsh popular music, punk rock, the Beatles, the use of popular music in film, and fandom studies among others. Pwyll ap Siôn has also published widely in the area of Welsh popular and Celtic music, including articles in the journals Welsh Music History and Ysgrifau Beirniadol and a chapter on Celtic Music in the forthcoming volume Nations on the Move, edited by Margaret Connell-Szasz. Along with Tristian Evans, he is editor of the Cydymaith i Gerddoriaeth Cymru (Companion to Welsh Music), an authoritative reference dictionary on all aspects of Welsh music funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, due out in 2014.

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