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BSc Environmental Conservation

As environmental concerns become ever more pressing, there is an increasing need to understand how we can effectively conserve wildlife and manage our countryside. The BSc Environmental Conservation degree course gives a theoretical grounding in how populations and ecosystems work and a practical understanding of the issues surrounding environmental conservation.

BSc Applied Terrestrial and Marine Ecology (ATME)

The BSc Applied Terrestrial and Marine Ecology degree will teach you how to apply ecological sciences to the real-world needs of sustainable management and natural resource conservation across terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

BSc Zoology with Conservation

Increasing interest in environmental conservation by governments and the public alike means that we now require a new generation of trained professional scientists with a sound zoological knowledge and an appreciation of the issues involved in local and global conservation. This need is met by the BSc Zoology with Conservation course.

MSc Conservation and Land Management

This course aims to provide students with a broad and balanced understanding of the fundamental science underpinning Conservation and Land Use. The course addresses issues concerned with sustainable use of the countryside. It examines habitats, wildlife, landscapes, and the natural and human factors influencing them. The course also examines how economic activities such as farming and forestry can be managed in an environmentally acceptable way, and how human enjoyment of the countryside can be incorporated within an integrated land use approach. Find out more...

Also – check out the video page for some clips of our field trips associated with many of these courses.