Module OSC-1000:
Tiwtorial 1

Module Facts

Run by School of Ocean Sciences

20 Credits or 10 ECTS Credits

Semester 1 & 2

Organiser: Dr Dei Huws

Overall aims and purpose

  1. To foster early and regular contact between staff and their personal tutees thus underpinning the pastoral care system within the School.

  2. To introduce the students to the multi-disciplinary nature of marine science.

  3. To encourage students to read more widely around their chosen subject.

  4. To teach skills in essay writing and oral presentation.

  5. Teach basics of library usage and encourage this.

Course content

Pwrpas y modiwl yma yw i gyflwyno ystod o sgiliau sydd ei hangen er mwyn llwyddo wrth ddilyn cwrs gradd ym maes Gwyddor Mor, ac i ysgogi ryw hunan-diddordeb yn y maes.

This module is designed to introduce a range of skills required for a marine science degree and to encourage wider reading in marine science. It involves directed reading and the practice in oral and written presentations. Regular tutorials (7 to 10 students per group) will be held throughout the year during which essay writing skills, oral presentation skills and abstracting information from the scientific literature will be discussed. The module will be assesses by two essay assignments, two oral presentations and an abstracting exercise to be done during the semester.

Learning outcomes

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Traethawd S1 15
Talk S1 10
Participation S1 5
Completion of work S1 5
Talk S2 15
Abstract S2 20
Participation S2 5
Completion of work S1 5
Essay S2 20

Teaching and Learning Strategy


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