Psychology Courses: 2018–19

The table below shows all the courses offered by the school in the year 2018–19. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

You can also view the list of courses for: 2017–18; 2019–20

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
C8ENMSc Applied Behaviour Analysis with PracticumMSC/ABAP
C8ECMSc Applied Behaviour AnalysisMSC/APPBA
N1AXMA Business with Consumer PsychologyMA/BUSPSY
N1AYMSc Business with Consumer PsychologyMSC/BUSPSY
C8EFMSc Clinical and Health PsychologyMSC/CHPSY
C8CMMSc Consumer Psychology with BusinessMSC/CPSBUS
C8CNMA Consumer Psychology with BusinessMA/CPSBUS
C8DXMSc CounsellingMSC/CNSL
C8BRMSc Foundations of Clinical NeuropsychologyMSC/FCLNPSY
C8BSDiploma Mindfulness-Based ApproachesDIP/MIND
C8BTMSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches (5yr)MSC/MIND
C8BVMA Mindfulness-Based Approaches (5yr)MA/MIND
C8EKMA Mindfulness Based Approaches (3yr)MA/MIND3
C8ELMSc Mindfulness Based Approaches (3yr)MSC/MIND3
C8CUMSc NeuroimagingMSC/N
C8DYMSc Positive Behaviour SupportMSC/PBS
C8EGMSc Principles of Clinical NeuropsychologyMSC/PCNP
C8ALMSc Psychological ResearchMSC/PSYRES
C8DUMSc PsychologyMSC/PSY
C8CPDiploma Teaching Mindfulness-Based CoursesDIP/TMIND