Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Hardship Funds

Covid-19 Update

If you are a home UK or EU enrolled student facing financial hardship as a result of the current Coronavirus situation you may be able to access financial support from the Hardship Fund. To apply just contact the Money Support Unit for an application form on

Applications should be returned via email with all the required evidence including 2 months bank statements and any other relevant information such as a letter from employer, travel costs, an unexpected financial cost etc.

The Fund is limited and cannot replace loss of income but will endeavor to help with students’ immediate needs and unexpected course costs in this period of uncertainty.

Applications will be assessed on case by case basis.  

We aim to assess and approve an application within 5 working days and pay students their awards within 5 working days thereafter.

International students should contact the International Student Support Team for guidance and advice.

New - Digital Hardship Fund

Because of the current need for online learning, we have set up a digital hardship fund to support students who experience barriers in accessing online delivery. Students with a household income below £30,000 who can demonstrate need are able to apply for a digital hardship award of up to £500 payable after registration at the University.

Further details are available from

What is the Hardship Fund?

The Hardship Fund is made available by Bangor University to provide discretionary financial help to support students who face unexpected financial hardship or crisis during an academic year, in particular to help them access and remain in higher education. Assistance is given in the form of a non-repayable grant or repayable loan.

Specifically it should be used:

  • To provide emergency payments for unexpected crisis
  • To intervene in cases where a student may be considering leaving higher education because of unexpected financial problems.

You may also find these specific Coronavirus related Student Finance and Hardship Fund Q&A’s useful:

Student Finance

  1. Will the current Coronavirus situation affect my next student finance payment? The Student Loan Company has confirmed that students’ next student finance payments are not expected to be affected by the current situation and will be paid as scheduled. For further information visit this Student Loan Company information page
  2. I’ve left Bangor and now living at home with my parents, with this affect my next funding instalment? NO, you will receive your expected funding instalment towards the end of April – for the exact date visit your student finance portal.
  3. I am a new nursing student staring in April 2020 when will I receive my student finance instalment? Once you are registered, we will notify your student finance organisation who in turn will release your first student finance instalment. This whole process could take up to 5 working days.
  4. When should I apply for my 2020/21 student finance? The 2020/21 student finance portals are now open, and you are encouraged to apply for your funding as soon as possible and certainly before the deadline date. Visit our Money Support website for links to the student finance portals:

Hardship Fund

  1. I have returned home due to the coronavirus and therefore left my part time job. I now have no income until I receive my next student finance instalment. Can the university help? The University operates a hardship Fund to help students who experience an unexpected financial crisis. Depending on your financial situation you may be entitled to additional short term support for your immediate needs from the Fund.
  2. I cannot afford to pay my April rent as I have been laid off work. Can I apply to the Hardship Fund? In most instances this issue can usually be resolved by speaking to your Landlord; explain your current situation and ask to defer the payment until you receive your next student finance instalment.
  3. I’d booked flights / a train / accommodation to participate in academic work / study / work placement relating to my course. This virus means that I can no longer go. I'm now out of pocket can the Hardship Fund help? Yes, contact the Money Support Unit for an application form as soon as you can.


The fund is available to registered Bangor University students – Undergraduate or Postgraduates whether you are from the UK, EU or an International student studying full or part-time courses.

Because of limited nature of the fund, priority is given to certain groups of students. These include:

  • Students with children
  • Disabled students, in particular those where the DSA is unable to meet particular costs
  • Final year students who are in financial difficulty (including those unable to work due to academic pressures)
  • Care Experience
  • Former Foyer residents
  • Homeless students

Should a student fall into one or more of the categories listed above this does not mean automatic entitlement to an award. Students identified as being in a priority group must provide evidence that their financial circumstances merit support from the fund.

Students will be expected to have explored all means of helping themselves before applying to the fund, such as finding part-time work and considering ways of reducing their expenditure. It is therefore recommended that you carefully work out a weekly or monthly budget to identify where your expenditure can be reduced and/or income increased. Use the following budgeting tool to help you budget or download a budgeting sheet using the following link:

Download a budget sheet

Student Loan

Where eligible, full-time undergraduate students must have applied for their full entitlement of student maintenance loan and received the first instalment before receiving any payment from the fund. This can be determined from the payment schedule letter issued by the student funding organisation.

How and when to apply?

Students may apply at any time during the academic year and should contact one of the following for advice and support as well as an application form:

UK & EU students – should contact the Money Support Unit to discuss their situation.

International students – should contact the International Student Welfare Office in the IEC to discuss their situation.

All applications must be on a valid form and returned in person where possible with all the relevant photocopied documentation to one of the offices listed above.

For the purposes of allocating awards, students are assessed on evidence of a shortfall in their income and expenditure. It is therefore essential that you give clear and accurate details of all your income sources and legitimate financial commitments. It is important that you complete the form as thoroughly as possible and provide all the necessary documentary evidence requested to enable us to successfully process your application.

Your application form will not be accepted without the required supporting evidence.

Allocation of Funds

We aim to process, discuss and inform students of any award within 15 working days of their initial application to the Money Support Unit or International Student Welfare Office.

Payment from the fund is dependent on a student being registered and in attendance on a course here in Bangor University. The Money Support Unit will check this at time of application. Further payments from the fund will only be paid once the Money Support can confirm registration for undergraduate students and continued attendance for postgraduate students.

Awards are paid via BACS into the student’s bank account 

Students will be notified via email.


Applications are seen only by the Money Support Unit staff and Hardship Fund Committee. There may be occasions when, if we consider that you are a risk to yourself and others, we may need to discuss your case with other member of staff within the University.

It may be necessary for additional supporting information to be sought from other University staff in order for the committee to reach a decision, in which case we will seek your permission beforehand.

Data Protection Act (1998): Bangor University is a data controller as defined in the 2018 legislation. Student Services follows University policy in matters of data protection. Personal and special category data will be used solely in the Unit for statistical purposes and electronic records keeping. This data will not be passed to any other third party without your consent, except when the University is required to do so by law. Any formal enquiries concerning the use of data noted here should be addressed to the Director of Student Services.


All applicants have the right to appeal if they are not entirely satisfied with the outcome of their application. However, appeals will only be considered where there is further evidence of a student’s personal circumstances.

Students may seek a review in the first instance, and should make an appointment with the Student Adviser in the Money Support Unit to discuss further evidence of personal circumstances. If appropriate, a reviewed application will be considered by the Allocation Group. Students will be informed in writing of the Allocation Group’s decision.

Any further appeal should be made in writing to the Director of Student Services, who will forward to an independent Senior Officer of the University, for consideration. Students will be informed of a decision as soon as possible.

Please call in to the Money Support Unit if you have any queries, or need assistance with any aspect of the form.