Student Finance

As a full-time undergraduate student, your son or daughter will have two main costs:

Tuition Fees

The good news is that they can receive help with both as a range of financial help is available. As far as the cost of the course is concerned, the tuition fee payment is a deferred payment – i.e. the tuition fee does not have to be paid until your son or daughter graduates and starts earning over £21,000 a year.

Living Costs

Living costs while your son or daughter is a student will include costs for items such as accommodation, food, books, clothes and travel. Your son or daughter can apply for a Living Cost Loan to help towards living costs and, depending on family circumstances/household income, means-tested grants and bursaries are available.

Applying for Student Finance

Your son or daughter must apply for their tuition fee loan, living cost loan and non-repayable grant on the same form, called the Application for Student Finance (PN1) form. Please visit the Student Finance website for more information about fees, loans and how to apply.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Various Bangor University Scholarships and Bursaries worth over £3M, which could help with living costs, can also be applied for. More information...

Part-time Work

Most students also have part-time jobs during the holidays and/or term-time to help cover their costs. When your son or daughter is here, JobZone, the Student Employment Bureau can help them to find part-time work, while the work experience opportunities available through the Careers and Employability Service will enhance their CV and help them to find employment when they graduate. Visit the Careers and Employability Service website for more information.