Why Do We Need Innovation?

There are a number of contemporary issues that we seek to address:

The changing global economy

Forecasters predict that by the year 2050 the combined economies of China and India will be greater than that of the current G8. This poses an enormous threat to businesses in the UK, as well as huge opportunities.

The creative age

We are entering a new creative industrial age which is characterised by constant innovation and accelerating change. Successful companies will be those that can adapt quickly. The ability to accommodate unexpected futures is better suited to an economy dominated by SMEs.

The proximity of the marketplace

The internet connects suppliers, designers, makers and consumers in ways that challenge the conventional view of who can and can’t do business. It dictates how innovators connect with their market and derive value from their creativity.

The democratisation of technology

Off-the-shelf digital technologies are being used by all sorts of innovators like artists, designers, hackers and hobbyists. Barriers to market-entry associated with size are being lowered across many sectors. Businesses need to innovate constantly in order to maintain their competitive edge.

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