Rare Books

The Archives reading room is used for the consultation of rare books and users who wish to view any items from the Rare Book Collection must :

  • Fill in a pink rare book application form (which is available at Main Library desk)
  • Hand the completed application form to Main Library desk staff
  • Go to the Archives reading room to view the requested book

Important notice: Since the rare books are stored at various locations, the requested item(s) will not be available immediately at the Archives reading room. It is usual for rare books to be brought to the Archives for consultation daily at 11am. However, under some circumstances, special requests can be made to see items as soon as possible.

Users can also make a request to see a rare book by contacting the Special Collections Officer, Shan Robinson, directly by phone (01248) 382913 or email s.a.robinson@bangor.ac.uk

All general enquires about rare books should also be directed to the Special Collections Officer.