Top Tips

1) To Bach Top Tips

To Bach is a programme that is available free of charge and makes light work of inserting a cimcumflex and accents for Welsh. By using the Alt Gr key it is possible to place a 'to bach ^' on vowels (â, ê, î, ô, û, ŵ, ŷ) and various accents (á è ï etc.).

Key Stroke Symbol
alt gr & o ô
alt gr & A Â
alt gr & w ŵ
alt gr & / & e é
alt gr & " & i ï

2) Welsh Language packs for Office

Would you like a Welsh language interface for your Office applications? You can download the Welsh Language Pack for Office 2016 free of charge. Other Welsh Office Versions are also available.

3) Welsh Language Packs for Windows

How about a Welsh language interface for Windows? You can download Welsh Language Pack for Windows 10 free of charge. Other Windows Versions are also available in Welsh.

4) Cysill Tips

  • How to check a word Document with Cysill
  • When Cysill is in the process of checking, press F5 to open the 'Check Word' Diolog box
  • When Cysill is in the process of checking, press F6 to open the Theasaurs
  • To use Cysill in other programs - open Cysill, select your text in the other application and press Ctrl+Alt+W

5) Cysgeir Tips