Cymraeg Clir Guidelines: 12 Golden Rules

The 12 golden rules of writing clearly

1. Use simple, concise, everyday language.

2. Address your readers directly.

3. Use the natural words, phrases and structure of the Welsh language.

4. Use short sentences. (no more than 25 words per sentence).

5. Keep to the principle: ‘one sentence – one idea’.

6. Use active verbs to make your written work more lively and direct: e.g. "Dechreuodd y cyngor 50 o brojectau rather than Dechreuwyd 50 o brojectau gan y cyngor."

7. Tell the reader clearly who is doing something when you use verbs: ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘they’.

8. Use verbs rather than nouns.

9. Use informal verbs and pronouns.

Try to avoid ‘official’ language that is full of jargon and technical terms (and explain any unfamiliar terms).

11. Divide long sentences into shorter points or bullet points.

12. Use punctuation to help the reader understand.