Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information


  • Corporate correspondence must be bilingual.
  • Emails / Letters / Notices sent to all students in a School must be bilingual.
  • Emails / Letters / Notices sent to individual students must be in their ‘language of choice’ (as noted in Banner)
  • Correspondence with members of the public / public bodies in Wales must be bilingual until you are aware of their preferred language.
  • Emails to groups of staff (e.g. heads of schools, administrative representatives, task group members) that relate to official matters (e.g. policy developments, important notices, formal meetings) must be bilingual.
  • If an email is sent to an individual member of staff with the intention of forwarding it to a group of staff (e.g. within a college) then the original email should be bilingual.
  • Correspondence in Welsh must be replied to in Welsh.

Useful phrases and templates