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Language Proofing Tools

Cysill Spellchecker and Grammar Checker
(available as part of the Cysgliad package)
Cysill, included in the Cysgliad package, contains a grammar checker as well as a spellchecker. In addition to general grammatical errors, the grammar checker can correct incorrect mutation and, when errors are found, it can tell the user why the error is considered incorrect.

Cysil Online Cysill Online (2009) is a free online tool for Welsh grammar and spell checking. Based on the commercial Cysill grammar and spell checking programme, part of the Cysgliad (2004) software package for Windows, it is limited to checking texts with a length of approximately 3000 characters. As stated in the Terms of Use, submitted texts are stored as a corpus for academic research purposes and are a useful source of word frequency counts, neologisms, common errors, dialectal forms and named entities. The corpus is not publicly available due to issues of confidentiality. However, an anonymized subset is available as part of our Example Corpus of Language Registers.

Microsoft Office Welsh Proofing Tools
Canolfan Bedwyr are responsible for the development and upkeep of the Welsh spellchecker found within Microsoft Office. Within programs such as Microsoft Word, the spellchecker will underline any Welsh words that may have been misspelled in red. Right-clicking on the word will then provide a suggested correction.

Open Office Spellchecker
Canolfan Bedwyr are also responsible for developing and maintaining the spellchecker found within Open Office, a suite of free programs that include word processors, presentation software and other office orientated software. Just as in in Microsoft Word, the Open Office spellchecker will underline any Welsh words that may have been misspelled in red. Again, right-clicking on the word will provide a suggested correction.