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The Welsh Language Sabbatical Scheme

What is the Sabbatical Scheme?

The Sabbatical Scheme is a language course for teachers, lecturers, instructors and classroom assistants who wish to improve their Welsh and gain more confidence in using the language.

The course is available at three levels:

  • Higher (first language Welsh speakers and fluent learners)
  • Entry (learners)
  • Foundation (learners)

Click on the image to download a PDF file of our promotional leaflet.

Here at Canolfan Bedwyr we are responsible for delivering the HIGHER COURSE.

What is the aim of the higher course?

The aim of the course is to improve the language of education practitioners to make them feel confident to teach and carry out administrative tasks though the medium of Welsh.

What kind of courses are available?

  • Part time course (50 days): two days a week from November to June (9:30–4:00)
    Location: Bangor Univeristy
  • Short course (20 days): day a week of training over a period of three months, with a whole week at the beginning of the course, and another week at the end.
    Location: to be confirmed

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

After having been on this course, you should:

  • feel more confident using oral and written Welsh while teaching, assessing, and doing administrative work;
  • be more confident in finding the terminology of your subject and using it effectively;
  • be aware of the methodology of teaching through the medium of Welsh and bilingually;
  • be more confident in using and developing these methodologies in Welsh medium / bilingual situations.

Who pays?

The course is free. The Welsh Government is responsible for the costs of the training, including paying supplies, travel and accommodation.

What do people say about the course

To be honest, professionalism is the word that best sums up this course. I was a pleasure to be on a course where the aims are so clear and the framework helps you reach them.
Primary Teacher

The course has been a huge success for me. I’m confident that I can teach each of my courses bilingually in the next academic year.
FE Lecturer

For further information please visit our Sabbatical Scheme website.