Bilingual Greetings

In order to ensure that people know they are able to use Welsh and English at Bangor University, staff who work on a reception desk or on a switchboard should use bilingual greetings. Other staff are also encouraged to use bilingual greetings to make it clear that both langauges can be used when dealing with the University.

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How to deal with a person who wants a service in Welsh if the member of staff cannot speak Welsh

If someone starts to speak Welsh with a member of staff who is not a Welsh speaker, the member of staff should explain that he/she does not speak Welsh and that the call will be transferred to a colleague in the department who can speak Welsh / that a Welsh-speaking member of staff will be called. If the caller / person at the reception desk has started the conversation in Welsh, it should be taken for granted that they wish to continue their dealings with the University in Welsh unless they indicate otherwise.

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A. Bore da, good morning. Llyfrgell, Library. Elen Jones.

B. Bore da. John Williams sy’n galw. Dw i’n ffonio o Gyngor Gwynedd yng Nghaernarfon. Dw i eisiau trefnu cyfarfod gyda Phennaeth Llyfrgell y Brifysgol os gwelwch yn dda.

A. I’m afraid I don’t speak Welsh.  I’ll just transfer you to my colleague who can speak Welsh. Hold on please.

B. Diolch yn fawr.