‘ Doctoral Research @ Bangor ’– Internship at Doctoral School

The internship scheme at Bangor University provides opportunities for undergraduate students to get paid, graduate level work experience in the University’s Academic Schools and Service Departments.

Doctoral Research @ Bangor ’ internship project will be to work with the Doctoral School to help Bangor University showcase the diversity and quality of Doctoral Research / Doctoral Researchers at Bangor. This is a ‘hands-on’ project interviewing and filming BU doctoral researchers along with their supervisors / research teams so as to put together profiles, short films and research feature pieces which will be available for use for a variety of promotional purposes (the Doctoral School and other websites; school open days; internal visual displays; brochures; e-books etc.). More Details

Intern Role:

  • Complete an overview of Doctoral Research at BU, so as to map the task into logical and achievable groupings
  • Mapping what has already been done
  • Identifying gaps and prioritising activity
  • Liaise with central and college based Marketing and Publicity staff
  • Planning within the 12 week timeframe
  • Setting up groups for interviewing / filming
  • Editing and reviewing content
  • Feedback and finalising
  • Adapting materials appropriately for a range of uses
  • Share and embed outputs
  • Prepare a case for going forward post project


Benefits to the intern:

  • Developing skills in project management (planning; time management; working with a wide range of people etc.)
  • Developing knowledge and expertise in the Marketing and Publicity area
  • Enhancing communication skills with staff and researchers across the University
  • Developing a creative approach to tasks
  • Assessing the right medium for the best effect
  • Organisational and professional skills
  • Gaining a comprehensive oversight of Doctoral Research at Bangor (i.e. potentially aspirational for career planning)

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