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Internship at Doctoral School

The internship scheme at Bangor University provides opportunities for undergraduate students to get paid, graduate level work experience in the University’s Academic Schools and Service Departments.

Bangor Doctoral Supervisors ’ internship project 2019 will be to work with the Doctoral School to help showcase supportive environment it offers to Doctoral Supervisors, and to showcase our supervisor / supervisee success stories.Through this project we will hopefully begin to build a more coherent cross-University Doctoral Supervisor community, through which we can support and develop our second supervisors, our Early Career Research staff and any staff new to a doctoral supervisory role at BU. More Details

Intern Role:

  • Desk work to research Doctoral Supervisor sites on a range of comparable University websites
  • Write and conduct a survey / interviews / focus groups based on the above to scope out what Doctoral Supervisors @ Bangor want from our site.
  • Setting up and running groups to decide what the site will look like and how it will work (i.e. static and interactive areas; podcasts; resources; showcase short films etc. etc.).
  • Enhancing the current site and building in new features, working with the Doctoral School Administrator and Manager.
  • Collecting resources (useful links, papers, tips and tools, along with short films and interviews for showcasing).
  • Decisions re presentation of materials (using a range of media).
  • Identifying the needs of the full range of doctoral supervisors (experienced; new to supervisory role, second supervisor, ECRs etc.).
  • Getting feedback and evaluating / reviewing the new site ; adapting and adding in line with feedback received.


Benefits to the intern:

  • Desk based research experience
  • Need for synthesis and presentation of findings
  • Organisational and professional skills
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Experience of working with professorial level academics at BU
  • Planning / time management
  • Survey and interview skills
  • Learning about dynamic presentation of information through appropriate use of a range of media
  • Expending knowledge about Doctoral research at BU and beyond

Doctoral School Internship 2019

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