About us

What is the Doctoral School?

The main purpose of the Doctoral School is to enhance your experience as a postgraduate research student at Bangor, and to ensure that you fulfil your full potential. As part of this mission, we also provide support and training for supervisory staff. We are responsible for implementing, monitoring and contributing to the review of the University regulatory, policy and operational framework, and provide relevant information such as training and funding opportunities as well as the university’s regulations and codes of practice for research students. We also aim to develop and support an interdisciplinary and integrated research community with research students at its heart, while promoting equality of opportunities, and a healthy work-life balance. We wish to reward good practice and effort where it exists, and work towards providing the best student experience possible.

This website provides current information and updates on Training Programmes, Events & Competitions run by the Doctoral School.

What does the Doctoral School do?

  • Develop Postgraduate strategy
  • Manage PGR training development and delivery
  • Promote good practice in doctoral supervision
  • Oversee PGR progression monitoring

What can the Doctoral School do for me?

  • Help you to become part of a PGR community
  • Keep you informed about relevant PGR activities
  • Flag up where you need to go to get help and advice
  • Ensure you know where you are with your PGR programme

Governance Structure

Research Degree Committee

Doctoral School Board