Doctoral Training Partnerships(DTPs)

NERC - the Natural Environment Research Council

NERC is the leading funder of independent research, training and innovation in environmental science in the UK. Doctoral training partnerships (DTPs) provide excellent postgraduate research opportunities within the NERC science remit as well as varied professional and technical skills and personal development training.

DTP postgraduate training is delivered in collaboration with partners from a wide range of backgrounds including industry, specialist research organisations, charities, NGOs, government bodies and many more to ensure NERC DTP students are equipped with the skills and experiences to allow them to become world-leaders in their chosen careers.

DTPs are held by higher education institutions either alone or as a consortium with other eligible research organisations and partners. NERC doctoral training partnerships host NERC-funded, and potentially other, PhD students undertaking research in any area of the NERC science remit and will receive funding to support five cohorts of NERC-funded studentship starts between 2014 and 2018.

Bangor University is part of a NERC Doctoral Training Partnership with Lancaster and Nottingham Universities. Please visit NERC website here for more information.

Envision brings together a powerful group of UK researchers with 44 industry and NGO partners to provide a new generation of environmental scientists with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to take on the challenges of a changing world.

Funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Lancaster University is leading the initiative which brings together the Universities of Nottingham and Bangor, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the British Geological Survey and Rothamsted Research. The initiative also involves large multinationals, a large number of SMEs and international research centres.

Applications for 2019 are now open.

The Envision online submission application form for 2019 projects is now live for students to submit their applications :

All applicants should make their application through the Envision website online application by Sunday 27th January 2019.

Available Projects

  1. Climate change effects on coastal flooding: are models fit-for-purpose and how do we mitigate the risk?

  2. Dispersal of microplastics in the marine environment

  3. Exploring the unexplored: soil viral diversity, dynamics and function

  4. Extending global forest carbon models based on LIDAR from tropics to other bioregions

  5. Impact of sea level rise on atmospheric CO2 concentration over glacial-deglacial periods

  6. Living in the dark: Impact of winter warming on ecosystem stability in the terrestrial high Arctic

  7. The effect of electromagnetic noise on the orientation of migratory birds

  8. Understanding parallel origins of industrial metal tolerance in Silene uniflora

  9. Deep matter – soils and their power to fight climate extremes

  10. Natural capital, biodiversity and ecosystem services – tackling scaling issues

  11. The environmental trade-offs of mining in a biodiversity hotspot

All available projects are advertised here: