Caroline Barton

Position KESS II Project Support Officer
Phone +44(0)1248 383582
Location First Floor, Main Arts Building, Bangor University, Bangor

Caroline has supported the KESS project in a busy and dynamic environment for over four years. She has been first point of contact for KESS scholars and their academic supervisors for KESS PhD and Research Masters projects, and been involved at every stage of the recruitment of postgraduate students to KESS II projects: from initial call for Research projects through to communicating successful applicants to the academic registry. Her administration role has included all aspects of arranging and noting meetings and video conferences.

With Bangor as lead partner on the KESS project, a key responsibility has been the maintenance of accurate records for all projects submitted for KESS funding. Information captured in these records informs the database, to be used for further statistical analysis, data representation and reporting to the funding body and stakeholders.  She works closely with her line manager, colleagues of all levels, academics and partner HEI's to support the delivery and continuing success of projects. She has a practical outlook to deal effectively with problems as they arise with appropriate solutions.

Caroline is proud to be associated with the positive energy and opportunities generated through KESS and the role it has played in developing the career pathway of some of Wales’ most talented graduates in association with their company partners.  The new funding for KESS II gives her great optimism for continued future growth in Wales.

Caroline is a University of Wales Environmental Studies graduate.  In her spare time, she is a working at improving her Welsh, enjoys spending time with family, hill walking and paddle sports.