Penny Dowdney

Position KESS Wales Project Manager
Phone +44(0)1248 382266
Location First Floor, Main Arts Building, Bangor University, Bangor

I am Wales project manager for the KESS II project, managing the lead from Bangor and working with the nine partner universities. I am the main point of contact for management and development of the project, supported by the KESS II team. Please contact me with queries relating to the KESS postgraduate skills development award (PSDA), KESS Grad Schools and academic related issues. I am currently working on expanding trans-national opportunities within KESS II, through our E.I.D.S. (European Industrial Doctoral School) network.

KESS II is an exciting opportunity for Wales, myself and my KESS II team are looking forward continued partnership and collaborative working, and to the new challenges we will face. My background is in Educational Development, and my doctoral research was in the area of acculturation. I am Doctoral School Manager at Bangor University, working on doctoral training and development, supervisor training (academic and industrial supervisors) and Researcher Development; along with PGR governance issues. I deliver specialist training in Doctoral thesis writing and in Internationalisation. KESS II is embedded in our Doctoral School at Bangor. The KESS project has opened up a new aspect of my work in Researcher Development, that of employer engagement; the opportunity to work with future employers, both within the University and within their workplace. It has added a new, rich dimension which I am finding invaluable.

Any free time I have is spent running our smallholding, riding, socialising, entertaining or singing with my band.