Rhian Tomos
Director of School Partnerships and CPD for Teachers
01248 383006
Eifionydd, Normal Site

Born and brought up in Ardudwy, Rhian graduated in Welsh Single Honours 2(i) from Bangor University in 1988 and then followed a PGCE Secondary course in Welsh and Music. Following a period of teaching French and Welsh at Ysgol Pantycelyn Llanymddyfri, Rhian joined the Trosol translation company with responsibility for translation and marketing. Since then, Rhian has taught French and Welsh in several secondary schools in Gwynedd, has managed the Cabinet Support Team for Gwynedd Council and has worked as Project Manager in School Reorganisation.

Rhian is currently following a Master through Research in Education, asking how can we ensure that trainees who are following ITE courses can begin to develop skills during their programmes which will lead to professional and personal resilience and emotional intelligence which will then prepare them for the teaching profession?

  • Responsibility for setting up and the continuous development for the School Experience Unit and implementing procedures for data collection regarding the partnership schools regarding quality of mentoring, mentor training etc.
  • To deliver aspects of the NMWCTE Strategic Plan that relates to partnership working;
  • Develop a professional development programme for new mentors, mentors and senior mentors with the content consistent with the aims of the Centre. Develop the content of a series of events throughout the academic year in consultation with the Management Group.
  • Develop a professional development programme for staff members with the content consistent with the aims of the Centre. Develop the content of a series of events throughout the academic year in consultation with the Management Group.
  • Responsible for developing a team of external tutors, arrange training and monitoring their work.
  • Develop cluster working for primary and secondary in consultation with ITE tutors.
  • Develop and contribute as a member of the Project Group to the work of implementing a Communication and Placement Portal for the School of Education.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all SE documentation on the Centre website is current and easy to use.
  • Act as the co-ordinator for the new partnership between University of Chester and Bangor University to provide teacher education from September 2019 onwards.
  • Responsible for the development and monitoring of the Bilingualism Code of Practice for the Partnership.
  • To involve head teachers and school mentors in strategic developments in order to foster a shared vision for the Partnership;
  • To take a lead in developing and embedding the vision of ‘Training Excellence Schools’
  • To scrutinize current Partnership Agreements to identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • To establish a new Partnership Agreement, detailing the Centre’s strategic vision and priorities, policies, practices and Quality Assurance procedures that reflect best practice, in conjunction with key staff;
  • To establish and develop good communication links between the Centre and Partnership schools, Local Education Authorities, GwE and other relevant organisations in the field of education;
  • To identify communicate with and visit the Partnership schools on a yearly basis;
  • To maintain an appropriate number of good quality Partnership schools across Wales so that sufficient high quality school placements are available for the different settings required;
  • To oversee school placement arrangements across the Centre and to ensure the appropriate placement of trainee teachers according to agreed criteria;
  • To identify good quality mentoring across the partnership schools, and to share good practice;
  • To work with key staff at the Centre and in schools to implement and monitor agreed common quality assurance procedures across the Partnership;
  • To ensure that all developments are informed by current advances in the teaching profession and are consistent with good practice across the sector.