Staff List

Name +44 1248 Position

Head of School

Dr Peter Shapely 382148 Reader and Head of School

Administrative Staff

Tracy Pritchard Williams
382144 General Administration
Gwenda Pritchard  382756 PGR Administrator
Adrienne Hebenstreit 382215 Student Administration
Heledd Selwyn / Angharad Hughes  383297 Student Administration

Academic Staff: History & Archaeology

Professor Tony Claydon 383759 Professor of Early Modern History
Professor Andrew Edwards 382537 Professor of Modern History
Professor Nancy Edwards~ 382154

Professor of Medieval Archaeology
~ On Sabbatical - 3-year Leverhulme

Dr Shaun Evans 383617

Lecturer and Project Manager

Dr Mark Hagger 382781 Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, Programme Lead History
Dr Sue Johns 382149 Senior Lecturer in Medieval History
Dr Owain Jones 382020 Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Lecturer in History, Disability Officer
Professor Raimund Karl 382247 Professor of Archaeology & Heritage
Dr Nikolaos Papadogiannis 382151 Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary History, Postgraduate Taught Lead
Dr Karen Pollock 382839 Lecturer in History and Archaeology, Pastoral Care Lead History
Professor Huw Pryce 382151 Professor of Welsh History
Dr Lowri Ann Rees 382248 Lecturer in Modern History, Director of Teaching and Learning
Dr Euryn Rhys Roberts 383810 Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Lecturer in Medieval History, Dissertation Convener
Dr Gary Robinson 382156 Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology, Director of Impact and Engagement /Health & Safety Officer/ Deputy Head of School
Dr Alexander Sedlmaier 383604 Reader
Dr Audrey Thorstad 382237 Lecturer in Early Modern History, Senior Admissions Officer / School Admission History/Research Seminar Co-ordinator History
Dr Kate Waddington 383623 Lecturer in Archaeology
Dr Mari Elin Wiliam 383019 Lecturer in Modern and Welsh History,

Academic Staff: Philosophy & Religion

Joshua Andrews 382103 Lecturer, Director of Student Engagement/Communications Officer / Pastoral Care Lead Philosophy and Religion
Toby Betenson 382090 Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion, Programme Lead - Philosophy & Religion
Gareth Evans-Jones 382103 Lecturer
Dr Lucy Huskinson 382768 Senior Lecturer, Senior Tutor / Deputy Head of School
Dr John Christopher Thomas 382038 Director of the Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies
Dr Farhaan Wali 383721 Lecturer in Religious Studies, School Admissions Philosophy & Religion

Academic Staff: Social Sciences

Teresa Crew 382838 Lecturer in Social Policy, Employability / Request Centre Pastoral Care Lead
Myfanwy Davies 382140 Senior Lecturer in Social Policy
Howard Davis 382123 Professor of Social Theory & Institutions
Marta Eichsteller 388783 Lecturer in Sociology, Library Officer
Martina Feilzer 388171 Professor in Criminology & Criminal Justice
Hefin Gwilym 382509 Lecturer in Social Policy, School Admissions Social Science / International Officer
Rhian Hodges 383034 Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy (Welsh-medium and Language Planning Specialism)
Tim Holmes 383299 Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Programme Developer new Policing / Ethics & Compliance
Gwenda Rhian Jones 388094 Senior Lecturer in Sociology & Social Policy (Welsh Medium), Programme Lead Social Sciences
Bethan Loftus 382183 Senior Lecturer in Social Policy & Criminal Justice, Director of Research / Deputy Head of School
Stefan Machura 382214 Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice
Robin Mann 382232 Senior Lecturer, WISERD, Post Graduate Research Lead
Corinna Patterson 382978 Lecturer in Sociology, Diversity Officer
Alex Plows 383200 Research Fellow
Cynog Prys 383834 Lecturer in Sociology (Welsh medium), Welsh Medium
Marcel Stoetzler 382758 Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Unfair Practice Officer/Research Seminar Co-ordinator Social Sciences
Julia Wardhaugh 382007 Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Criminal Justice, Attendance Officer

Teaching and Research Assistants

Marc Collinson 383020 Postgraduate Tutor
Roslyn Gardner Postgraduate Tutor
Martin Hanks Part Time Tutor
John Jones 383020 Postgraduate Tutor
Katharina Moller 382247 Postgraduate Tutor
Sarah Watson Postgraduate Tutor

Honorary Staff

Professor Eryl W Davies 382079 Professor Emeritus
Graham Day Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Sergey Erofeev Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ian Gardner Honorary Research Associate
Karen Heald Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Sally Hester Honorary Research Associate
David Hirst Honorary Senior Lecturer in Social Policy
Dr Murali Krishna Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Peter Lepping Honorary Professor
Olga Litvinova Honorary Research Fellow
Mrs Frances Lynch Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Pamela Michael Senior Honorary Research Fellow
Ms Nia Powell Lecturer in Welsh History
Professor Gerhard Riemann Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tony Ryan Honorary Research Fellow
Professor G. Rex Smith Honorary Professor
Dr David Stephenson Honorary Research Fellow
Mr John Stevenson Honorary Research Fellow