Study Abroad at Bangor University

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The Study Abroad Scheme

Many students choose to study at Bangor University, North Wales as visiting study abroad scheme students. Every year, well over 100 students from North, Central and South America, Asia and mainland Europe undertake a semester or a whole year at Bangor and transfer the credits achieved to the home University.

This means that students who are taking a degree course at another university can visit Bangor for a semester or a whole academic year and are able to transfer the qualifications and credits they’ve achieved back to their home university – to count towards their final degree. They complete their degree within the same amount of time, but benefit from studying in a different part of the world, being able to broaden their horizons and enjoy new experiences.

Visiting students enjoy the same level of service and benefits as Bangor University graduating students.

Most colleges and universities are happy to consider Bangor University as your hoststudy abroad location, no matter which school you attend. If you are not a part of one of these programs, do get in touch with your Country Manager at Bangor, to discuss.

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