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Dr Aaron Jackson

Computer Science relates to so much of the modern world.

Dr Aaron Jackson

Dr Aaron Jackson 

Senior Infrastructure Specialist at the Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee
Studied: BSc Computer Science, 2015

Bangor is a really nice place to be with a national park only a short bus ride away. Bangor also offered me my place to study from an interview, and prioritised my interest and passion for Computer Science over whether I had enough A-Levels in unrelated subjects.

Dr Aaron Jackson

"Computer Science is an amazing topic to study because it relates to so much of the modern world. Having a good understanding of the fundamentals of computing  will be useful, regardless of what you end up doing later on in life. 

"My interest in pattern recognition and machine learning led to me to collaborating on projects with one of my Professors. This work resulted in two publications which strongly supported my PhD application at the University of Nottingham. 

"In my current role at the Health Informatics Centre, we provide secure research computing environments for bioinformaticians to analyse data which they wouldn't normally be able to access due to the sensitive nature of medical data. Most of my work involves trying to improve this research environment in ways which are reproducible and easy to deploy, while maintaining security and good user experience. 

"The academic opportunities at Bangor were great; I get to work with brilliant people today because of the path Bangor put me on. It’s a small city, but this leads to close friendships, so much so that I'm still living with my housemate and friend from my second year. 

"I think Bangor offers everything you would want from university life - opportunities for academic excellence, the freedom to respectfully explore nature, and probably too many pubs! 

"Go there with an open mind, work hard, and enjoy yourself. You will leave with great memories and a quality degree." 

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