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Dr Britta Ismer

Bangor opened a lot of doors for me.

Dr Britta Ismer

Dr Britta Ismer

Clinical Team Manager at ICON
Studied: BSc Cancer Biology, 2013

I knew I wanted to study a subject which I could use later in life to help people. I was always interested in Biology, but did not want to learn about animals or plants; I was interested in how the body works, how I work.

Dr Britta Ismer

"When I saw that Bangor offered Cancer Biology, I knew that it was what I wanted to do.  

"My course at Bangor University provided me with the fundamental knowledge about Cancer Biology, which I have built on since. My course enabled me to specialise very early on in a subject which I loved and wanted to develop a career in. It opened a lot of doors for me to have specialised this early on and get accepted for a PhD at the renowned German Cancer Research Centre. 

"In my current role, I lead and manage the execution of one or more clinical studies, from study startup through database release. As a core member of the Study Team, I have regional oversight, drive decision making, provide leadership, and champion consistent quality and excellence. I have to assess risks and determine the best mitigation strategies and make sure that my clinical team meets the set expectations, to ensure we keep our patients safe and the collected data to regulatory standards. 

"By studying, I learnt how to self-motivate myself and to always give my best. I learnt that hard work pays off.  

“By volunteering at RAG and being part of the Bangor Athletics Club, I learnt how to motivate people and how to engage with others.  I learnt how to solve issues and manage conflict, to form part of some amazing teams." 

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