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Groundbreaking Bilingual Benefits

Our research impact

Research from our department of Linguistics, English Language & Bilingualism reveals bilingual children have more efficient thinking skills. 

By introducing a radical new method adapted from the field of economics, researchers at Bangor were able to measure children's thinking skills more accurately and comprehensively than ever before, showing that bilingual children are on average 6.5% more efficient in their thinking skills than monolingual children. 

This new method presents a global breakthrough in the field of bilingual studies.

These results are important for us here in Wales and indeed for bilingual communities across the world. We will now expand its research to other languages.


Dr Athanasia Papastergiou,  Lead Author, Lecturer in Bilingualism at Bangor University

These positive results will help to allay any possible fears about bringing up children bilingually and highlight that learning two languages can have even more benefits for children’s development. 


Dr Eirini Sanoudaki,  Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at Bangor University

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