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Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice 

Group Process in Mindfulness-Based Teaching


This 2 day workshop is for mindfulness-based teachers who wish to learn more about groups and ways of supporting the rich potential of the group process in a mindfulness context. 

Many of us have come into this work with a background in one to one work. The skills we have acquired will have many direct benefits for our mindfulness teaching. However, we may find that we continue to teach ‘one-to-one’, albeit in a group.

We will explore how to bring this ‘group’ dimension into all aspects of our mindfulness teaching - including the orientation and assessment process, guiding practices; leading inquiries; and facilitating exercises and group discussions. In doing this, we will learn how to be present and alive to the three dimensions in the group: that of myself as teacher; that of individual participant; and that of the group as a whole.

We will explore the different stages of the group – namely the forming, the holding, and the ending of the group – and how as group leaders we can best support the learning practice of our participants in this group context. 

Key Learning Objective: 

To explore ways of leading, teaching and holding the process of mindfulness-based groups that enables the rich learning potential within the group to be realised by our course participants. 

Other Learning Objectives To find ways of resolving some of the common challenges when leading groups - such as managing a dominating participant; a persistent late comer; someone who is openly sceptical; a participant who says very lit

To consider the different approaches involved with teaching very different sized groups.

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Subsidised Rate - This is a self-select funded rate whereby your place will be financially supported.  Please only select this rate if you are in receipt of benefits or would find it otherwise inaccessible to attend due to the fee. We will not ask for evidence of benefits or income at this stage but may ask for evidence to support your claim in the future.  

Standard Rate - This is the market rate for this type of event and the rate we ask you to select if you are able. 

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To consider the different approaches involved with teaching very different sized groups.

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