Course description

Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice


Mindfulness & Individual Therapy


Residential 6 day programme for trained therapists working one to one and others working with individuals and groups using psychological theories.

We offer an innovative programme primarily for those who are working therapeutically one to one e.g. counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, and other psychology professionals who are interested in exploring the relevance of mindfulness in their work. The course will also be relevant to trained therapists and psychologists working with groups.  This 6-day residential programme, offers an intense immersion in mindfulness, as well as exploring how your personal experiences of mindfulness can integrate into your own therapeutic style and training.


  • Theoretical foundations of mindfulness and therapy, arising from both eastern and western psychology
  • Applications of mindfulness across a range of mental health issues, with particular reference to use of mindfulness and
    • Therapeutic relationship,
    • Developing client’s Body awareness.
    • Mindfulness and attachment.

Programme Learning Outcomes :

  1. Understand the underpinning mechanisms of mindfulness in a therapeutic setting
  2. Communicate detailed experiential understanding of the relevance of bringing mindful awareness and qualities to the therapist’s personal process within the therapeutic encounter with the client.
  3. Demonstrate experiential understanding of the effects of bringing mindful qualities to the relational process between therapist and client.
  4. Communicate comprehensive experiential understanding of the attitudinal foundations to mindfulness practice and how to embody these during therapeutic work.
  5. Based on clinical experience and the theory and practice of mindfulness, demonstrate critical understanding of bringing mindfulness techniques, skills and practices into therapy sessions with clients
  6. Critically appraise, explore and evaluate the ways in which mindfulness can be used in your own therapeutic approach, for clients with different presenting problems.


Teaching Strategy,

The teaching will be retreat style and founded on mindfulness practice. We aim to support  a safe and stimulating environment in which to explore mindfulness and psychotherapy, experientially and theoretically. Teaching methods will include mindfulness practice, small and large group discussion, role play and other creative exercises.

We aim to create a community of like-minded professionals interested in developing personal practice and applying it in their own professional therapy settings.


Accommodation costs:

Accommodation costs (in addition to the training fee), payable direct to the venue once your place has been confirmed by CMRP:


Single ensuite:  £432.00


Twin ensuite:  £432.00


Single non ensuite:  £345.00


Twin non ensuite:  £345.00


Camper: £217.00


Campervan: £237.00


All CMRP Alumni are welcome to join our alumni association. Please visit for further information.