Course description

Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice


Residential Teacher Training

Retreat Level 2

for MBSR and MBCT teachers



An intensive experiential training retreat offering space for nourishment, inspiration and learning

 An opportunity to engage in a personal and group learning process which is designed to support and deepen understanding and skills in teaching and integrating mindfulness-based approaches in professional practice



Who is the programme for?

This further teaching development process is intended for professionals who have:

  1. Previously attended a mindfulness-based ‘Teacher Training Retreat level 1’ with us, the Teaching 1 module on our Mindfulness-Based Master’s programme or an equivalent programme with another organization (contact us if you are not sure about equivalency);
  2. Taught a minimum of three 8-week MBSR or MBCT programmes
  3. Have participated in week long guided silent mindfulness meditation retreats


What is involved?

The intention is to offer an environment in which participants can engage in a deepening exploration of their own experience of being human, of investigating the way they hold this and of mindfulness as a way of being in the world. The interface of all of this with the experience of teaching mindfulness-based approaches will underpin the process of the retreat. There will be a focus on refining and further developing our teaching skills in relation to particularities (such as use of language, group facilitation skills and programme development) and in relation to broader processes such as developing and embodying a spacious open awareness and exploring the deeper intentions that move us to do this work.

Our time will be spent together in silence as we practice and in small and large group reflection and investigation as we learn through our individual and collective experience. Participants will have opportunities to lead practices and investigate personal and co-participant’s experiences of these.  Detailed instructor and peer feedback will be offered to support the learning. To ensure plenty of opportunity for practice and reflection this year we are limiting the numbers to 18 students.


Training for Mindfulness-Based Teachers

This programme is designed to respond to the growing need for practicing mindfulness-based teachers to take their development and learning process deeper. Participants on this programme will have previously participated in a mindfulness-based Teacher Training Retreat or equivalent and will have current experience of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and/or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Participants will therefore have moved beyond the first explorations of the form and shape of mindfulness-based programmes and curricula, and will developmentally be at the point of exploring ways to

  • refine existing skills
  • further develop understanding of the teaching and its underpinning themes drawn from the different worlds of science and dharma
  • inquire into the ‘person of the teacher’ – the way in which each of us relates to ourselves, the individuals, the group and the teaching process itself.

The teaching team and the participant group will therefore be engaged in a process which offers the potential for a rich collective and individual development process.

A key overall intention is to support participants in developing the ability and confidence to teach from the immediacy of their own experience. This tends to grow out of a depth of experience of the practice, the teaching process and the form of the programme. Developmentally, many teachers experience that their confidence of knowing what is needed, develops to the point that they can let go of holding the teaching in a certain way and relate to the process from a wider, more spacious and spontaneous place.


The Teacher Training Retreat level 2 programme

The seven day programme will commence with time for orientation and welcome, followed by 2 days of guided silent practice within which there will be opportunity for individual interviews with the teachers. The intention of this is to facilitate the transition into and access to a deeper and wider spaciousness of mindful awareness which will inform the developmental processes that will follow. 

These explorations will be offered though facilitated group dialogue, small group and partner exercises practicing and teaching core elements of mindfulness-based programmes and simulated mindfulness-based group session interactions.  The intention is to create a group process that feels safe and trustworthy, and an open, spacious learning environment, which will encourage spontaneity and creativity. 

The programme will offer an integration of interactive training and development processes within the context of periods of silent formal and informal meditation practice.

The intention is to facilitate learning within the following areas through these processes:

  • Cultivating the ability to embody mindfulness

-          in depth exploration of the underpinning themes of the programme from a personal and a teaching perspective

-          inquiry into personal practice, the experience of being human, ways of holding and being with struggle within our own experience

-          exploring how we bring these to life in the teaching through the moment by moment process of embodying the attitudinal underpinnings of the practice

-          exploring how we can cultivate a continuity of awareness of ourselves and the group while we are teaching

-          developing skilful means to articulate and embody the essence of formal and informal mindfulness practice


  • Developing awareness of relational process between teacher and participants

-          developing a relational style which embodies connectivity, kindness, compassion and mutuality.


  • Strengthening teaching skills

-          further development and refinement of skills in guiding the core practices

-          developing how we facilitate through the interactive teaching processes, exploration of the experience of the practices and the interface of the learning into life

-          developing ways of delivering and presenting pivotal themes and important concepts in mindfulness-based teaching

-          developing awareness of the range of teaching skills needed to meet the varied needs and learning styles of participants


  • Developing awareness and confidence to appropriately support participants to turn towards difficulty

-          explorations on the practice of acceptance and being with difficulty within our own experience and in our teaching

-          refinement of skills in developmental ways of supporting participants to gently open to challenge



  • Enhancing group process skills as they relate to mindfulness-based teaching

-          bringing attention to the group and to skilful ways of allowing the group process to bring the learning to life 

-          developing ways of facilitating group cohesion, trust and a sense of safety

-          working responsively with the stages of group development

-          developing understanding of group processes which support group participation, validation and normalisation of participant experience 


  • Developing  awareness of the ethical processes in action during mindfulness-based teaching

-          developing awareness around working with our own and participants’ boundaries, inner resources, limitations, ambitions and agendas  with respect and compassion

-          refinement of awareness of the moment by moment implications of decision making during choice points in the teaching process

-          developing awareness of integrated ways to support ourselves in this work

-          inquiry into our deeper motivations for doing this work

Accommodation costs (to be paid to Trigonos directly - in addition to the teaching fee)


Single ensuite:  £647.00


Twin ensuite:  £612.00


Single non ensuite:  £556.00


Twin non ensuite:  £507.00


Camper: n/a


Campervan: £367.00



Other information

Please also see UK Teachers Network Website for good practice guidelines and other informaiton for Mindfulness based teachers

Participants must commit to the entire training.

Please note that we give a Bangor University certificate of attendance which details the nature of the course and the hours involved. This does not though constitute an authorisation to teach mindfulness-based approaches.  The development and interest in the potential of mindfulness within a range of settings is rapidly growing and training processes are therefore becoming more structured. However, within the UK there are currently no formal qualifications/certification processes which regulate competency in teaching mindfulness-based approaches. This requires those of us working in this developing field to inquire deeply into our own practice, our integrity, our intentions and the boundaries of our skills, competencies and understandings.

Please feel free to contact Eluned Gold our Head of Personal and Professional Training Programmes on to discuss any questions you may have about the course or whether it is appropriate for you at this time.

For administrative queries contact Frances on 01248 38 2498 or      

All CMRP Alumni are welcome to join our alumni association. Please visit for further information.