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Course description

Specialist Masterclass in Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) for addictive behaviours


Devin Ashwood

12th January 2018 

Crowne Plaza - Chester

What is the Masterclass about?

This course offers participants an opportunity to appreciate the intentions and practices of the MBRP programme and how it draws upon scientifically tested approaches to addiction as well as ancient wisdom and meditation techniques to develop the skills and qualities needed to become free of the cravings that drive addictive behaviours.

We will work in seminar, workshop and practice group formats to experience the key exercises that are taught on an MBRP programme, to understand their relevance to overcoming cravings and addictive behaviour and to better understand the research and theories underpinning the model.

By the end of the training, delegates will:

  • Have an experience of the practices at the heart of the MBRP programme.
  • Understand the differences between MBRP and other similar models.
  • Appreciate the research evidence, psychological theories and historic influences that have informed the design of the MBRP course. 

Who is it for?

The course is open to both beginners and experienced mindfulness teachers and supervisors who would like to find out more about this promising new approach to addictive behaviour treatment. 

It is relevant for people working with, or interested in eating disorders, anger, gambling or a range of conditions that involve the urge to act in unhealthy ways, and may be particularly important for those working in substance misuse contexts.

There are no requirements to attend this programme, however, experience of mindfulness and a personal interest in addictive behaviour would be an advantage.

Speaker bio 

Devin has worked therapeutically, as a trainer and leader in a range of substance misuse settings for over twelve years.   He was till recently a program leader and lecturer in addictions counselling at the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies and the University of Bath and has become the primary Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention teacher trainer in the UK.  Devin has been committed to a daily meditation practice since 1999. He studied with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice on the University of Bangor’s master’s programme and teaches mindfulness to professionals and clients in an addictions context. He also organizes and leads a number of meditation groups and retreats throughout the year including working for the prison service supporting staff and prisoners as their Buddhist Chaplain.  He has recently joined the Gaia House meditation retreat centre as Finance and Development Director. 


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Key references/optional pre-workshop reading

Bowen, S., Chawla, N., & Marlatt, G. A. (2011). Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician’s Guide (1st ed.). London: Guilford Press.

Fees are set at £130.00 this is a Standard Market rate for this type of event

Other information

Please note that we give a certificate of attendance which details the nature of the course and the hours involved. This does not constitute a qualification to teach mindfulness-based approaches. Within the UK there are currently no formal qualifications/certification processes, which regulate competency in teaching mindfulness-based approaches, however there are voluntary guidelines, which we endorse and adhere to. Please see

Please feel free to contact Frances Hooton on or phone 01248 382498 to discuss any questions you may have about the course or whether it is appropriate for you at this time or if you have any administrative queries. 

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