Course description

Mentoring new mindfulness teachers

A two day workshop for senior mindfulness-based teachers

 1st June and 2nd June 2018

Greencoat, London

Interest and demand for MBIs continue to grow, especially within healthcare where MBCT will soon become a mandated treatment. As increased numbers of people complete preliminary teacher training, there is a growing need for individuals and organisations to provide mentored opportunities for beginning mindfulness-based teachers to further develop their practice, knowledge and skills by assisting in the teaching of an 8 week course alongside an experienced mindfulness teacher.

The workshop  is aimed at mindfulness teachers within the Improving Access to Psychological Therapy service in England and other senior teachers working in other contexts who:

-       Have taught a minimum of 10 MBSR/MBCT or equivalent courses

-       Meet the UK Network good practice guidance for mindfulness-based teachers

-       Are in a position to offer support to less experienced mindfulness-based teachers to grow their skills - particularly through offering assistant/apprentice teaching opportunities

Teaching and training others to teach mindfulness based approaches involves inherent tensions, requiring ongoing balancing of doing and being modes of mind and rests on the teacher’s and trainer’s embodied experience of mindfulness practice. We will draw on our individual and collective experiences of teaching and training to explore this interplay within the context of supporting an assistant teacher. The Mindfulness-Based Interventions-Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) will be used to frame our exploration of mindfulness based teaching development. The workshop will include an overview of the development, intentions and structure of the MBI-TAC and consideration of how to use it to support learning through personal reflection and within a mentoring relationship. There will be an opportunity to explore formative feedback working with audiovisual clips of MBCT teaching and ‘live’ small group teaching. We will also consider practical issues in setting up the assistant teaching experience, including balancing trainee and participant needs, boundary issues, and ways of working that promote or inhibit learning.

Learning objectives:

  • Consider the learning needs of beginner teachers within an assistant teaching role
  • Review knowledge of the MBI-TAC as a tool to support MBI teacher learning. 

  • Develop knowledge of how to use the MBI-TAC as a reflective and supervisory tool.
  • Practise feedback and mentoring skills
  • Explore the person of the teacher in relation to supervised placements and our own sense of identity and integrity as trainers.
  • Explore issues involved in establishing a placement contract
  • Develop increased confidence and clarity regarding how to offer placements that support teacher development and integrity of MBIs.            

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