Difference between the Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) and the Masters/Diploma?


Teacher Training Pathway

Postgraduate programme: Route 1

Does it lead to Certificate of competence in Mindfulness-Based courses?



Is it an academic qualification?

If you do the final stage in the pathway (2B) you will gain 15 credits at Post graduate level. This does not lead to an academic qualification.

Yes (either a Postgraduate Diploma [PGDip] or a Masters Degree)

How quickly can I get the Certificate of competence?

A minimum of 4 years to complete if you are just starting, and may take less time if you already have prior training.

It takes 4 years

What kind of time commitment is it?

This is a flexible programme with a number of requirements to be completed at your own pace.
See website for details

You progress through the course at a rate of one module per year, you come to Bangor for five weekends a year for the first three years, with the fourth year having a 7 day TTR2 retreat instead.

Do I get to meet other people who are training to be mindfulness teachers?

You will meet people who are on the same retreats or training days as you, but there is no 'group' that  progresses through the training together.

The Masters teaching is spread out over five weekends a year, and is taught to a group. A strong community of learning and friendship often develops among our students as they progress through the programme.

How flexible is the programme?

You progress at your own pace and choose the dates of your training retreats. It is a very flexible programme.

For the first three years, you come up to Bangor for five weekends per year. In the fourth year, the teaching is condensed into a TTR2 retreat.  You can suspend studies for up to one year in between years if you need to.

How much does it cost?

Exact charges are available on the website. It is likely to be very similar to the Postgraduate programme.

In 2016, the total module fees for gaining the Certificate of competence plus a PGDip is £6,886, spread out over four years.  Please note this fee is subject to change, and may rise with inflation rates.

If regulations come in around mindfulness teaching, will this course count?

There are no regulations around who can call themselves a mindfulness teacher at present. We expect that if regulations do come into affect, the Certificate of Teaching Competence will be included .