Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in learning about mindfulness. What is the first step?

The best way to learn about mindfulness is to experience it for yourself by doing an 8 Week MBSR course, which is the basic course in mindfulness training. Our 8-week courses are detailed on this page.

There are also lots of good books out there to find out more, or you could try a mindfulness practice for yourself by downloading a free mindfulness track!

How do I find out what courses you have on offer?

The best way is to follow this link to our calendar of events. On the calendar, click on the course name highlighted in blue – this will give you further details about the course.

How do I apply for one of your courses?

Follow this link to our calendar of events. On the calendar you can click on the 'Application Form' link highlighted in blue on the right hand side next to the course you are interested in. Fill in the application and press submit.

What is the difference between doing a Masters in Mindfulness or following the CPPD Teaching Pathway route?

This table highlights the main differences between the two routes.

We get many queries from people wondering what the best route is for them, and the best way for you to work out the best route for you is to read the information pages on the Masters and  the Teacher Training Pathway and work out which one suits your learning needs and lifestyle more.

Course Bookings

I applied for a course but have not heard back yet about whether my application was successful

If you received an automatic reply immediately as soon as you submitted the electronic application, it is likely that we are still in the process of reviewing your application. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like, but we try our best to review the application forms quickly.

If you did not receive an automatic instant reply when you submitted the form, it is possible that our email has gone into your spam folder. The above process would still remain, however, it might be a good idea to check your spam folder and possibly adjust the settings for future emails.

Accommodation for non-residential courses

We are not able to recommend any particular venues for accommodation on non-residential courses. Please contact the tourist board in that area for further information.

A course I applied for is now showing as 'full' on the website. I haven't heard back about my application. Does this mean I missed my opportunity of securing a place on the course?

If you received an acknowledgement email from us when you submitted your application form, then it is very likely that your application is still in assessment and you will be contacted soon. If you did not receive an acknowledgement email, then it is possible that you had not successfully submitted your application. If you don't have the acknowledgement email please do call us and check, if you do have the acknowledgment email – we will be in touch once your application has been processed.

Train to Teach Mindfulness

I would like to teach Mindfulness. What do I need to do in order to qualify as a mindfulness teacher?

  • Please see the 'Train to Teach" section to find options for training to teach mindfulness. With us, you can gain the Certificate of competence in teaching MBSR and MBCT which is the highest mindfulness teaching award in the UK

Currently there is no Awarding Body regulating mindfulness teaching / training however we recommend all practioners follow the UK Good Practice Guidance.

Can I teach mindfulness after completing the 8 week course?

We recommend that to teach mindfulness you should have completed an in-depth, rigorous mindfulness-based teacher training programme or supervised pathway over a minimum duration of 12 months. Please see both Train to teach' and UK Good Practice Guidance for further information.


Will I have a recognised teaching certificate if I follow the CPPD or Teacher Training Pathway route?

There is a 'Training Pathway' route that can lead to a certificate of competence in teaching MBSR and MBCT. See here for details

What are the benefits of a Teacher Training Retreat Level 2? I understand that I can already teach after I have completed a Teacher Training Retreat Level 1.

The TTR2 allows you to develop your teaching and understanding of the main curriculum elements of MBSR and MBCT with colleagues who are already experienced in teaching mindfulness. It is designed to deepen understanding and practice of your teaching practice and the 'inquiry' process. This happens within a context of a two-and-a-half day silent retreat at the beginning of the week. By contrast, the Teacher Training Retreat Level 1 focuses on the guiding and inquiry of the main core practices within MBSR and MBCT – body scan, mindful movement, sitting meditation and 3-Step Breathing Space. This happens within a context of experiencing key elements of MBSR in the morning sessions as 'participant-observer.

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