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Vanessa Hope

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Vanessa Hope
CMRP Core Training Team
01707 644309
London and Hertfordshire

Vanessa holds an English Language and Literature BAHons, a Diploma from the School of Homeopathy, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness-Based Approaches from Bangor University. Vanessa has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1980 and sees both of these as integral to her life. She practised as a Homeopath for 18 years and now works full-time as a Mindfulness Instructor and Trainer, teaching and deepening into the practices that have sustained her for so many years. Vanessa is a trainer of mindfulness teachers and also supervises developing mindfulness teachers, clinicians, and CBT and DBT therapists. Vanessa’s teaching interests are in older adults and low-income groups, carers, and clinicians. Vanessa wrote two chapters in ‘The Mindfulness Breakthrough’ (2012) with Sarah Silverton.