‘Climate change: hope from despair?’ – public lecture at Bangor University by prominent scientist

Climate change will be the focus of a public lecture at Bangor University on Wednesday, 20 November.  The speaker is Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester.  The lecture will take place at 5.30pm in the Eric Sunderland Lecture Theatre of the Main Arts Building.  Admission is free, and no tickets are required.

Professor Anderson said: “The mitigation challenge posed by the Paris Agreement now demands a rapid and profound re-shaping of contemporary society.  Whilst the models dominating the agenda employ evermore speculative technologies to remain ‘politically palatable’, the arithmetic of emissions must surely lead us to conclude that it is ultimately a rationing issue.  Against such a backdrop, I will consider whether the rapid emergence of new and vociferous groups and the heightened profile of climate change suggest the prospect of new hope.”

Kevin Anderson holds a joint Chair between the Universities of Manchester and Uppsala, Sweden.  He was formerly Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.  He has advised a number of governments on environmental issues, and his analysis contributed to the framing of the UK’s Climate Change Act.       

The event is sponsored jointly by Bangor University and the Menai Branch of the United Nations Association.

For further information please contact public.lectures@bangor.ac.uk.

Publication date: 29 October 2019