'MATLAB for Experimental Psychology' Workshop Proves Very Popular

On 26th and 27th July, the School of Psychology hosted a two-day 'MATLAB for Experimental Psychology' workshop. With only eighteen places available, we received interest from over 150 students from around the UK. Funding to run the workshop came from PsyPAG, and the School of Psychology generously leant their image analysis lab. This meant we were in the fairly unique position of being able to offer a high quality, and affordable programming workshop to postgraduates who may not have the resources to attend the more established workshops.

Three of the delegates came from within the School of Psychology here at Bangor, but others came from as far away as Plymouth, Cambridge. Stirling and York. Everyone seemed to leave very happy, and impressed by the working environment we have here in Bangor. Feedback on the instruction, which came from Dr. Robin Kramer, and Alex Jones, was very positive, and there was a general consensus that these kinds of skills workshops are invaluable for postgraduates working their way into an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Overall, it’s great to be able to report on a very successful event; one which reflected very well on the impressive resources we have here in Bangor, and also on the willingness of staff and postgraduates to get involved in sharing the skills and experience we have within the department and it is hoped that, to deal with the high demand, similar workshops will be run in the future.

Publication date: 21 August 2012