‘Public Question Time’ session on Climate Change

A ‘Public Question Time’ Debate on climate change will give people an opportunity to get closer to the facts, dispel the myths and understand the way forward in our changing climate and world.   Interested public are invited to come to the Main Arts Lecture Theatre, Bangor University, at 7 pm,  29th November, equipped with questions, ready for the session, which is to be broadcast on BBC Radio Wales’ Science Café Programme on the 6th of December 2011, at 7pm. Adam Walton, presenter of the Science Café programme,   is acting as the chair for the debate.

The debate is the final event in a two month series of lectures, Climate Change Consortium for Wales Lecture Series on ‘Climate Change: The Evidence’ hosted by Bangor University. Sir John Houghton FRS, formerly Head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and CEO UK Meteorological Office is one of the panel members for the debate.  Other Panel members for the debate are:  Professor James Scourse, Director of the Climate Change Consortium Wales, Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh, Tyndall Cardiff, Dr Clive Walmsley, Environmental Impacts Advisor - Countryside Council for Wales, and Jane Davidson, now Director of INSPIRE, Trinity College St David’s.

Prior to the Debate, Jane Davidson, former Minister for Environment in the Welsh Government, will be giving the final lecture on ‘The Role of Education in Climate Change’.

Throughout October and November this year, Bangor University has been hosting a public climate change lecture series. Every Tuesday evening at 7pm, two lectures have been delivered by leading climate change scientists from the four Climate Change Consortium universities – Bangor, Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Swansea.  The lecture series set out to foster a progression through the key themes relating to climate change, beginning with the fundamental physics, natural climate variability, the oceans and the cryosphere and then focussing in on the Welsh dimension, human responses and perceptions of climate change. The lectures have been well attended, with over 100 people at each event to date and the level of engagement with the scientists and researchers has been excellent.

For more details contact Dr Saskia Pagella (Email: s.l.pagella@bangor.ac.uk) (Tel: 01248 382600) in the Environment Centre Wales, Bangor University.

Publication date: 23 November 2011