Archaeologists at Bangor Science Festival

Join us at the Hidden Worlds Exhibition during Bangor University’s Science Festival

Gwynedd Archaeological TrustSchool of History, Welsh History and Archaeology and School of Computer Science, Bangor University, will be giving the public an opportunity to experience archaeological research first hand during the Hidden Worlds Exhibition that will be held on 15/03/2014 during the National Science and Engineering Week as part of the Bangor Science Festival.

Participants will be encouraged to ‘Raid the Hidden Past’ by exploring the past landscape of Gwynedd with scientific techniques used by archaeologists. There is much more to archaeology then just digging and sometimes it’s the little things which can reveal a lot.

There will be an opportunity to identify ancient pollen grains: microscopic pollen grains can survive for thousands of years to provide an unique record of ancient trees and plants, and can help to answer questions such as ‘when was Gwynedd covered in forest’? ‘When did people start to farm’?

We do not always need expensive tools to get involved with archaeology, and participants will be able to create their own 3D models of archaeological monuments using their own photographs.  These models can be viewed on the internet or printed as a real hand-held plastic model. 

In addition, there will be an opportunity to learn how archaeologists record landscapes and sites, with people being offered the chance to have a go at surveying themselves (subject to weather conditions). 

The event is part of the Hidden Worlds Exhibition, and will be held on the 15th of March 10am-4pm in the Brambell Building (No. 38 on this map), Deiniol Road, Bangor.


Publication date: 12 March 2014