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Bangor University a world-ranked University

Bangor University has risen substantially in Times Higher Education World University rankings 2011-12, and is now placed among the world’s top 275 universities, alongside universities such as Bath and Queen’s.

“I’m delighted that the excellent research and teaching at Bangor is gaining global recognition. Bangor provides education and research of high quality and makes a valuable contribution both regionally and on the wider stage,” commented Vice- Chancellor, Professor John Hughes.

Among Welsh universities, Bangor University is preceded only by Cardiff University, who are in the 200- 225 group.

Bangor University aims to produce high-calibre research, and one measure in this table- citations, reflects the University’s progression in this area, achieving a high score. Citations measure the number of times that research papers by the University’s leading academics are quoted by other research papers- which occurs when the paper reports ground-breaking and significant new research.

Bangor University’s measure in this index is higher than that of renowned universities worldwide, including Texas A&M University, Tel Aviv University, the University of Illinois and the University of Western Australia- all of which are ranked among the top 200.

World ranking is increasingly important to universities. Student recruitment is increasingly a global marketplace. Around 3.7 million university students now study outside their home countries- a number projected to rise to 7 million by 2020, so a reputable international profile is important to universities. Increasingly, research at Universities is conducted by international teams working collaboratively across universities, a high profile is essential to make those valuable academic and research connections.

Described as the most comprehensive table, the Rankings analysed 100,000 separate pieces of data in their production.

Publication date: 7 October 2011