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Bangor University explains why there are two tides to Coast viewers

Dr Tom Rippeth (left) and Nicolas Crane, Coast presenterDr Tom Rippeth (left) and Nicolas Crane, Coast presenterDr Tom Rippeth of Bangor University’s renowned School of Ocean Sciences takes part in the new series of the highly popular Coast series on BBC 2 at Sunday 10th June at 9pm, on BBC2.

The new series of this popular programme has themed programmes. Dr Rippeth explains to presenter Nicolas Crane what causes the tides around our coastline, and why they can vary.

He said: “It was great fun working with the programme makers and I’m looking forward to see the CGI effects that they’ve used to illustrate how tides move and change around our coastline.

Dr Rippeth is a Reader in physical oceanography, at the School of Ocean Sciences. His research involves studying how different waters mix.

He explains: “Although continental shelf seas make up a small fraction of the world's ocean surface, they are areas of intense physical and biological activity. The focus of my research is in identifying and understanding what happens when waters of different concentrations and temperatures meet each other or mix. Understanding these processes and interpreting them correctly affects how accurate our global climate models are.”

Publication date: 8 June 2012