Bangor University graduate plans to create his first illustrated novel

A Bangor University graduate is hoping that the local community will support his efforts to publish his first illustrated novel.

Daniel Dowsing, from Bangor who received a BA English Literature with Film and MA Creative Writing whilst at Bangor University, has been working as a writer and computer game designer. Recently he has been working with a local artist, Steve Wilson, to create an illustrated novel. They have produced the first six pages of the book but have now turned to Kickstater to help fund the completion and printing of the project.

Written by Daniel and illustrated by Steve, The Wolf started life as a prose short story inspired by a news article in Fortean Times magazine. With a passion for comic books and illustrated novels, Daniel asked Steve, a working artist, whom he met at his local writing group, if he’d be interested in illustrating the script.

Describing the book, Daniel said: “The Wolf” is a dark story with an element of otherworldly magic set in the snowy nights of the Arctic tundra.

“One night an isolated town comes under siege from large pack of wolves. The wolves terrorise the townspeople as though they might be searching for something or someone. In the midst of the chaos the story follows our main character, Stieg, as he attempts to navigate the town and wolves in an effort to rescue his friend Antov.

“We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Wolf in order to raise £5,000 to complete the project and to see it in print. We have a 30 day challenge ahead but the response to the artwork and story so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Anyone can back our project for as little as £1 and if the project does not reach its goal all pledges are returned.”

Daniel and Steve have also created a variety of rewards, such as signed artwork and exclusive content, for their backers should the project be a success.

Publication date: 1 April 2014