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Bangor University is improving its Green Impact

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Bangor University has been selected to take part of an exciting programme led by the National Union of Students’ (NUS). Green Impact Universities and Colleges is an environmental accreditation scheme which helps people improve their working environments and positively impact the lives of their students whilst gaining recognition for their efforts. The scheme began in 2006, and has grown rapidly to working with 46 Universities and Colleges, 105 Students’ Unions, and over 44,000 members of staff across the country – all coming together to lessen their environmental impact.

This year, teams of staff at Bangor University will be encouraged to form teams and complete an online workbook that acts as a framework for continual improvement, suggesting things they could be doing to help improve their environmental performance. The teams aim to win a bronze, silver or gold accreditation through fulfilling a variety of environmental criteria that have a significantly positive effect on their working environment. The workbook is designed to be accessible to anyone – regardless of how interested you’ve been in environmental issues in the past and regardless of your position within the university. At the end of the year, an awards ceremony will be held to celebrate the successes of the year.

Green Impact is an effective way of improving environmental good practice, encouraging staff engagement, and strengthening relations between students and staff at institutions. The central team at NUS as well as at the institution will help support teams through the process, as well as providing a wealth of online resources to help make amazing changes in working environments across the institutions. Green Impact is a positive scheme which celebrates achievements, recognizes the efforts of individuals, and encourages the sharing of good practice through strong communication – making the effects of the scheme’s impact as wide reaching as possible.

The Bangor University Green Impact launch will be held on Monday the 11th of November in the Student’s Union Committee Room (Oswald’s Building) 12 – 2pm.If you think you’d be interested in becoming a Green Impact team member, please come along or get in touch with Mair Rowlands on 01248 382852 or at

Publication date: 6 November 2013