Bangor University support proposal to relocate S4C’s HQ to Caernarfon

Bangor University has declared its support for the proposal to relocate the headquarters of S4C to Caernarfon.

According to the University there are significant economic, linguistic and cultural benefits to such a move. In addition, because of the area's strengths it would be a natural step for S4C in order to strengthen its provision for viewers in the future.

Professor Jerry Hunter from Bangor University said: "There are numerous advantages for S4C in relocating to Caernarfon. In addition to the significant history and tradition of producing high quality programmes in the area, there is already a very strong nucleus of production and digital companies in the area.

"There are also significant benefits to having a University nearby with an international reputation for its teaching and research. The University can offer a whole community of experts to S4C, including people who are international leaders in their field as well as high quality graduates can operate bilingually. "

Professor Hunter said that economic considerations are also important, and the University believes that a move to Caernarfon will reduce S4C’s costs over time.

He said: "Perhaps more importantly, it would be a clear signal to the people of Wales of the desire to distribute economic benefits and opportunities beyond just the M4 corridor."

"Another significant advantage to S4C is the new investment of £46m in the University ‘Pontio’ centre. There has already been international interest in the centre and those links can be very beneficial to S4C. The University's research in many areas is also beneficial to S4C, and there are many opportunities for us to work together, not only on the traditional provision, but also with a view to developing new technologies for the future as they relocate to Caernarfon. "

"We strongly believe that S4C should relocate to Caernarfon. This is the clear choice,” added Professor Hunter.

Publication date: 3 March 2014