Cage fighter Peris features on new S4C series

Peris, second from left.Peris, second from left.By day, Peris Tecwyn from Rhosgadfan is a student studying Welsh at Bangor University but when night falls, he spends hours and hours training for his next fight. But not any old fight, Peris is a cage fighter.

Peris will be featured in a new S4C series, Cwffio Cawell, starting Thursday 5 April.  The series will seek to change the general preconceptions of cage fighting. The sport is often thought to be illegal and dangerous but this series will attempt to show that those who take part are responsible and professional individuals. It will also offer a rare insight into the world of cage fighters and meet the bare knuckled.

Peris, 22, says "I've enjoyed boxing from a young age and I've always been a competitive person. But my mother isn't too keen on my cage fighting. She's looking forward to the day when I quit, but that's not going to happen."

Production company Cwmni Da follow the enthusiasts in their daily lives, in their preparations for big fights and competing in two of the biggest cage fighting events in Wales - 'Valley of Kings' and 'Battle in the Bay'.

Siwan Haf, the series' director, explains, "This series will give a no holds barred account of cage fighting in Wales as we follow the fighters, the event organisers and the dedicated supporters - something never before seen on S4C. I was very surprised by the dedication and discipline shown by the fighters. They spend hours training in the gym every day because there is a lot of skill, fitness and time involved in the sport. You have to admire those taking part - they are normal people with a unique hobby."

Watch the programme on S4C on Thursday 5 April 21.00 or anytime on Clic.

Publication date: 2 April 2012