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Confucius Institute International Conference

The Confucius Institute at Bangor University has successfully concluded its first international conference in Bangor, north Wales, United Kingdom. Morethan fifty delegates representing sixteen Universities from three countries gathered in Reichel Hall, Bangor University to share research experiences and best practices in foreign language teaching and, translation and intercultural practices with likeminded colleagues.

β€œThe goal of the conference on Intercultural Communication was to encourage discussion, debate and exchange of ideas between delegates at all levels, both specialists in related fields and those with general interest in this crucial and timely subject,” said Dr Lina Davitt, the Manager and organiser of the conference. "We succeeded, in two days filled with exchange of innovative ideas and knowledge sharing. Hopefully the delegates will now begin implementing these new ideas in our daily teaching practices and will further new collaborations in the year ahead.”

Confucius Institute Conference 2018 highlighted interesting round table discussions on how implementation of new real time virtual reality teaching technology positively affects the quality of education and changes the role of the teacher from content delivery to content facilitation.

All the delegates agreed that the conference, sponsored by Confucius Institute at Bangor University had exceeded their expectations and demonstrated a high level of commitment to cultural exchange and positive communications.

Publication date: 15 June 2018