International Student Gala

Bangor University held its annual International Gala recently. This event has become an important date in the calendar for Bangor's international students and this year's Gala included a full programme of colourful and lively performances from the students.

The evening saw a variety of students performing songs, dance and instrumentals which showcase their particular country and culture. A record 18 performers took part this year, including a Welsh choir, an Irish piper, Afghan guitarist and a Vietnamese dance troupe. The Prichard-Jones Hall was full to capacity with staff and students enjoying this celebration of diversity at Bangor.

Manuela Vittori from the International Education Centre said:

"Every year I am pleasantly surprised at the range of talent amongst our international students. I have organised the event for the last three years and the range and standard of performances are getting bigger and better each year - I'm already looking forward to 2014!"

Thanks to Dominic Wodehouse for the photos.

Publication date: 20 March 2013