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New Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience appointed

Bangor University has appointed Professor Robert Rogers as Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the School of Psychology. Professor Rogers will be joining the faculty from the University of Oxford, during 2013. Professor Rogers is a world leading expert in the fields of cognitive control and decision-making, and will lead the establishment in Bangor of a new laboratory in Psychopharmacology.

In recent years, Professor Rogers has been conducting research into the neural and neurochemical substrates of emotional (and irrational) decision-making in non-social and social contexts, and has recently extended this work into the neural mechanisms underlying psychological disorders such as problem gambling and bipolar disorder. This includes studying the role of serotonin and dopamine in shifts between risk-seeking and risk-averse behaviour, and the neural substrates of cognitive biases in gambling behaviour, such as loss-chasing.

Publication date: 4 October 2012