Pontio welcomes 'Anton Chekhov’ to Wales

Michael Pennington’s one-man show exclusive visit to Bangor

Michael PenningtonMichael PenningtonWest End veteran actor Michael Pennington brings his one-man show ‘Anton Chekhov’ exclusively to Bangor this month (November 19).

A Shakespearean actor of world renown, Pennington has proved his versatility as an actor with an impressive career on stage and film – and as writer and director. Star Wars fans will also recognise him as one of the commanding officers of the Death Star in the film Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Pennington has performed Anton Chekhov at venues since its premier at the National Theatre in 1984, but this is the first time the show will visit Wales.

The one-man show takes the form of an evening spent in the company of the Russian writer towards the end of his life at the turn of the twentieth century. In it he reminisces about his life, his times and work; he demonstrates his writing technique by telling stories, speaks about the theatre and engages deeply and humorously with his audience.

Explaining the inspiration for the show, Michael Pennington said:“I originated the show myself and first had the idea when I was travelling on the Trans Siberian Express back in 1975.

“I started thinking - what would it have been like to meet Chekhov? What sort of humour would he be in, and what would he be prepared to talk about if you had the good fortune to capture him for an evening and put him onto an intimate stage?

Anton ChechovAnton Chekhov“Everything in the show was said or written - somewhere - by Chekhov. What I have made up is the context, and I’ve used passages from the plays, and especially the stories, only when they seem to have a distinct autobiographical ring - which they do more often than I expected. Chekhov was a remarkable man.”

Pontio’s arts co-ordinator Dyfan Roberts said:“This is quite a coup for Bangor to host one of the West End’s most prestigious stars – and to be the only venue in Wales to do so.

“Book now to secure a seat at this exclusive one man show and for a unique insight into the fascinating world of Chekhov.”

Publication date: 14 November 2011