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Re-Formed Welsh Drama Society presents two productions

Following the resurrection of Cymdeithas y Ddrama Gymraeg, (the Welsh Drama Society) which was established at Bangor in 1923 under the direction of none other than renowned Welsh poet R. Williams Parry, the re-formed Society is now ready to present its first productions.

The Society will present the Welsh language play, 'Siwan' by Saunders Lewis on the 6 December and  'Bobi a Sami' by Wil Sam  on November 29.

Both performances take place in the John Philips Hall on College Road at 7.00. Tickets will be available on the door and are pried £5.

As Llyr Titus, Marketing Officer for the Society explains: “these are the two first full performances for the Society since being re-established. We chose Bobi a Sami partly as Wil Sam was connected to the Society in the past and partly as we performed an extract from the play during our evening event to re-launch the Society, and this was well received. Siwan was chosen as the play is a Welsh classic, which would be a popular drama, and would also present a challenge to the director and actors. The two plays are also a striking contract to each other.

“The students were eager to establish a drama company that would bring Welsh students together, adding to the experience of studying and socialising in Welsh,” he added.

Any students wishing to join the Society should contact:

Publication date: 22 October 2013