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Undergraduate Psychology Degrees

Bangor offers a unique and targeted range of psychology degree courses. They aim to accommodate broad interests in Psychology and specialist disciplines common to researchers world-wide; they also address real-world needs.

Choose from:

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The above Psychology degrees are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and provide eligible graduates with Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).

The above Intercalated degree will not qualify you for the Graduate Basis for Registration of the British Psychological Society.

Psychology and/with another subject

You may choose to study Psychology 'and' another subject in equal proportions to gain a Joint Honours degree. The title would reflect your combination, e.g. BA (Hons) Linguistics and Psychology. You can also study another subject 'with' Psychology in a two-thirds to one-third split. These degrees will not qualify you for the Graduate Basis for Registration of the British Psychological Society. The possible combinations are listed below and link to the modules they entail.

Which Psychology Course is Right for Me?

Bangor has got a great reputation for its teaching and research in Psychology and the student satisfaction awards made it even more appealing!

Pete Sims
MSc Counselling

The BSc Psychology degree offers students the greatest flexibility in choice of subjects to study. The other Psychology degrees cater for students who have a firm idea of the career path they wish to pursue. Each degree programme has been designed with the research interests of the School in mind, and each reflects the diversity of thought within it. The courses are structured to provide students with an education which absorbs their interests, provides an opportunity to contribute to academic thought, and imparts the skills necessary for a career, both inside and outside psychology. The School places great emphasis on training in transferable skills. Browse the course information pages to discover which course suits you best.