Psychology Careers


As a graduate with a good degree in psychology from Bangor, a variety of careers will be open to you and as our ranking in the Top 20 (of 110) in the Times 2015 Guide shows you will be well prepared to start your working life. There are careers for which a psychology degree is essential, and careers for which psychology provides a useful base. In addition, there are careers open to graduates and postgraduates from any discipline. These include, for example, careers in management training, accountancy, teaching, nursing, social work, the police and the armed forces. However, employers are usually looking for general or transferable skills, and a psychology degree arguably provides a unique combination of these.

BPS Accreditation

The British Psychological Society (BPS) was founded in 1901 and received Royal Charter status in 1965. The BSc Psychology degree course at Bangor is accredited as conferring eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membersip (GBC), provided the minimum standard of qualification of second class honours is achieved. This is the first step towards becoming a Chartered Psychologist. For a more detailed account of career opportunities (and relevant pay scales) you may wish to consult their web site:

What do graduates actually do?

If you want to see what Psychology graduates nationwide have actually gone on to do you can visit the prospects careers website and click on the 'what do graduates do' link at the bottom of the page that gives general advice on Careers open to Psychology graduates. The good news is that the latest figures suggest less than 8% of psychology graduates are unemployed. These pages also contain a lot of other useful information.

Psychology Student Employability Guide

This publication is an excellent resource and gives you a great insight into the sorts of careers (related and unrelated) a Psychology degree can lead you to. Psych%20Employability%20Guide%2001

Higher Education Academy Graduate Profiles

Many psychology students, undergraduate and postgraduate, do not realise the variety of career opportunities open to them. The study of psychology can lead to careers in education, marketing, human resources, government service, fund raising, creative arts and many other areas. The psychology graduate career case studies here help to illustrate these options as well as to provide valuable career advice to current psychology students.

All About Careers

This company has what it describes as "a nifty little tool to help those baffled about career options to see what they could do with a psychology degree". If that sounds like you it can be accessed here.